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The Executive Director word

I am pleased and on behalf of the Roaya Center staff to welcome all the visitors, patients and escorts, and this is a nice opportunity to send this word to all the employees of Roaya Center, our purpose is to serve patients, and presenting medical services in eye surgery field To the residents of Riyadh City and its suburbs and visitors from other cities, according to the standards of the Ministry of Health, and we are keen to develop our human cadres by annual training and development programs that achieve our vision for achieving excellence in the field of ophthalmology and excellence in the service of our patients, Through a medical administrative staff distinguished from the outside and in content.

Our vision

In Roaya Center we believe in the importance of each patient and his rights and we commit ourselves to the best service and the best price to care for the most important thing to mankind … … Vision

The message of the center

To provide integrated services in the field of ophthalmology to patients in Riyadh and its environs by providing medical and administrative staff at a high level With the presence of modern technologies and the implementation of conditions of safe health care.

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