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1.Visual Field ( Octopus 900)

•Most advanced device to measure the field of vision.
•The Octopus 900 is an automatic projection Perimeter for the examination of the entire field of vision.
•Detects glaucomatous changes
•Diagnose optic nerve dysfunction

2.Corneal Topography (Sirius)

•Sirius is a high precision instrument for imaging of the anterior segment and the 3D cornea analysis.
•It combines Scheimpflug technology, which allows the measurement of the internal ocular biometrics, with Placido topography, still unsurpassed for the measurement of elevation and curvatures,
•Sirius proves to be an essential tool for the diagnosis and the pre- and post-operative evaluation of cataract and refractive surgery.
•Early detection of conical cornea
•Measuring thickness of the cornea
•Topographic imaging of the inner and outer surface of the cornea with extreme precision.

3.Fundus Camera (Kowa VX20)

•Non-mydriatic,and mydriatic modes.
•Auto-fluorescence mode allows for in-depth diagnostic imaging of the retina
•Imaging of the retinal vasculature using a dye. (FFA)

4.OCT RS 3000

•This device is the most advanced high resolution devices in the imaging of the retina and optic nerve as well as the anterior part of the eye.
•It features:
Track eye movement to ensure highest accuracy

Compares the current tests with the previous to help know the progress of the case and in the absence of a previous examination compared to a database from international studies.

5.NIDEK US-4000 – A-Scan/B-Scan

•Accurate calculation of intraocular lenses power to be implanted in the eye.
•Diagnosis of retinal detachment , tumors, and glaucoma
•Measuring the thickness of the cornea.

6.ALLEGRO- Biograph

•This is a multi-purpose diagnostic device for measuring the axial length and anterior chamber depth.
•The main application is calculation of the parameters necessary to determine intraocular lens power that has to be implanted during cataract surgery.

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