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Roaya eye center has the best ocular pressure measuring devices.

Also the most advanced machine for assessment of the field of vision as well as the OCT machine that assess nerve fiber layer thickness that allows early glaucoma detection.

We have glaucoma specialists who perform all glaucoma surgeries professionally insuring that the best service given.

Surgeries include Trabeculectomy , Ahmed valve , laser glaucoma surgeries as yag laser iridotomy , cpc, ECP .

What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a disease of the optic nerve (which carries the image that we see to the brain) due to high pressure in the eye, resulting in damage to the tissues of the optic nerve.
as the optic nerve contains nearly 1.5 million nerve fibers which could be damaged by the impact of glaucoma, which leads to loss of Parts of the visual field If the disease is not treated, and if the entire optic nerve is damaged and the eye loses its ability to see

What is the cause of glaucoma?

The causes of glaucoma are vast and variable. Some cases has no clear cause or mechanism .
Most cases are due to an imbalance between the amount of fluid produced by the eye and the ability of the special channels of the eye to discharge this fluid, resulting in the accumulation of this fluid within the eye and rise of the ocular pressure.

What are the types of glaucoma?

Chronic open glaucoma

The most common type (90% of patients).

Closed angle glaucoma

Sometimes a complete blockage of the discharge of the water fluid inside the eye can occur when the eye pressure increases causing severe and eye pain ، headaches, blurred vision
When these symptoms appear, the patient should visit the ophthalmologist immediately because this type of glaucoma leads to loss of sight

How is glaucoma treated?

Initially, the damage glaucoma can cause to the optic nerve cannot be cured, but eye drops, laser , and surgical procedures prevent further damage. Periodic examination is important to prevent vision loss

Glaucoma can be treated in three different ways

1: medical treatment
2: Surgical treatment
3: Laser therapy, which is one of the most modern treatment methods

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