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Refractive laser surgery/laser vision correction surgery

Smart laser/Lasik


1: fast laser procedure without touching the eye
2: most precise
3: Highest safety
4: least painful
5-A faster recovery period
6-Sharp clear vision
7-Excellent contrast sensitivity
8-Best results for night vision
9-Surgical success in seconds

Frequently asked questions about the LASIK process

Is the LASIK surgery painful?

Most patients do not feel pain during the operation due to the use of a surface anesthesia eye drops

When can I see clearly after the operation?

Most patients can watch TV after 4 hours of the operation, and the improvement of visual strength occurs within a week to 4 weeks and varies from patient to patient

What is the right age for LASIK?

18 years-45 years

Is it possible to improve visual acuity to reach 20/20, 6/6?

Yes , you can have normal sharp vision

What are the risks of LASIK?

The laser correction surgery, like any other surgery, carries some risks. It requires surgical experience, your treating doctor shall inform you about risks and if you are fit for surgery or not.

Has anyone ever been blinded after LASIK?

No, this is a rumor. Most complications are treatable and does not include blindness

Is LASIK possible for both eyes at the same time?

Most cases Laser surgery is done for both eyes at the same time

What is the success rate for laser correction surgery?

Success rate meaning improvement and lack of complications is very high and reaches 99 % in mild to moderate myopia

How long the effect of the operation lasts?

Regression can happen after 15 years in some cases

In case the correction was not full, is it possible to repeat the procedure?

Yes, the residual error can be corrected, but it is preferable to wait 2 to 3 months after the first procedure to ensure that the eyesight is stable and the patient will have a free operation to correct the error after the first operation

Does dry eye affect the result of LASIK?

Yes. in all studies done , dry eye has profound impact on the results and final outcome of surgery .use of lubricants is a must .

Is it possible to use a lens or glasses after surgery if needed?

It is possible that if the patient does not wish to correct the rest of the vision to use glasses or contact lens

How do you treat those in their forties to read?

Most patients after the age of 40 need glasses when reading.
So either you wear reading glasses , or use one eye for reading and the other for distance.

Is the LASIK process approved by the US Food and Drug Administration?

Yes, it is approved by the FDA for 12 years, although it has been in Europe, Latin America and most of the world for more than 17 years

Who is the person fit for Lasik?

One with no other eye disease and no congenital ocular abnormality

When can I drive?

The patient can drive one day after the operation

When can I go back to work?

Most patients can do their normal work after one or two days at the most

What advice do you give the patient before doing LASIK?

Stop using contact lenses 1 week before surgery , and start use lubricant eye drops

Do you do this for ophthalmologists?

Yes .it has been done for many ophthalmologists

Is LASIK possible for pregnant women?

The procedure is not recommended for the pregnant females or during the menstrual cycle

Is it possible for diabetic patients to undergo this surgery?

Yes it is possible for many cases under good diabetic control.

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