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What is cataract?

cataract is an opacity that affects the natural lens of the eye and leads to a decrease in visual acuity and blurred vision according to the amount of opacity, and can lead to advanced loss of vision , yet in most cases the vision is fully recovered after cataract surgery and implanting an artificial intraocular lens, especially if the eye has no other disease that hinders vision

Causes of cataract

Cataracts occur due to several reasons, including:
-A severe blow or trauma to the eye
-Some chronic diseases such as diabetes and the use of cortisone for prolonged time
-For children, the cause may be genetic or due to an infection of the fetus during pregnancy

Symptoms of cataract

Poor vision without pain
The inability to withstand the bright light
Haloes and dispersion of light
Frequent need to change glasses
The color of the pupil may changes to white in advanced cases

How is cataract surgery done

The opacified lens is removed surgically or by ultrasound. but the eye cannot focus the light entering the eye without a lens, so after the surgical removal of the lens, its function in focusing the light should be replaced by lens implanted in the eye during surgery.

Monofocal lenses

They are used in the vast majority of cataract cases, and these lenses have the advantage of excellent far vision, Because these lenses have a single focus. There is a need to use reading or near vision glasses to read clearly.

The advanced intraocular lenses


The most advanced lens in the world, capable of correcting myopia or hyperopia , as well as Astigmatism and correct near vision so that the patient will get rid of glasses


multifocal lens that corrects distant, intermediate and near vision


Corrects astigmatism so the patient will have clear sharp far vision

The most advanced technologies

Ultra Phaco Technology

Is the newest technology in the world used to remove cataract as it reduced the use of ultrasound used to remove the opacified lens , which led to increased safety rates and more protection of the lining cells of the cornea, which has great importance in the protection of the rest of the cornea tissues.

Auto Sert technology

It is the newest technology ever to implant the lens inside the eye after the completion of the removal of cataract where the lens is automatically implanted.

Misconceptions about cataract

-There is an eye drop for the treatment of cataract or at least to prevent it. This is a false belief. A drop has already been shown that it stops the development of white water, but it proved to be untrue, and this drop is still commercially traded in some countries and it is difficult to request and use it even though it is no longer used in Most of the countries of the world for their lack of benefit as mentioned above.

-Laser cataract removal is done without surgery. Another misconception is due to non-scientific propaganda. The laser can only aid in some surgical steps. The use of the laser has not shown any special benefit, but the best way is to use the ultrasound through a small opening, many people called this laser by mistake.


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